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Welcome to EZ NBA Picks

Welcome to EZ NBA Picks, part of the EZ Sports Picks network. We have been in the handicapping business for years and now want to help you take advantage of our experience. The handicapping world is bracing itself for the next "stunner" as EZ Sports Picks is getting into gear with this new site. We live for information and we have that inside information to get you high rolling on your money. You can see that we are fearless when it comes to Sporting Events. Let us be your source for picks.

Picks are available by e-mail, and on our web site, just check them out at "Buy Picks" to see which plan serves you best.

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Our Past NBA Results
2007-8 728-340 68.2% Winners!
2008-9 921-495 65.0% Winners!
2009-10 824-451 64.6% Winners!
2010-11 821-459 64.1% Winners!
2011-12 589-470 55.6% Winners!
2012-13 802-481 62.5% Winners!
2013-14 763-528 59.1% Winners!
2014-15 838-403 67.5% Winners!
2015-16 835-396 68.5% Winners!
2016-17 320-183 63.6% Winners!
Results thru December 31, 2017